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156-215.80 : Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA R80) : Part 26

  1. Examine the sample Rule Base.

    156-215.80 Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA R80) Part 26 Q01 065
    156-215.80 Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA R80) Part 26 Q01 065

    What will be the result of a verification of the policy from SmartConsole?

    • No errors or Warnings
    • Verification Error: Empty Source-List and Service-List in Rule 5 (Mail Inbound)
    • Verification Error: Rule 4 (Web Inbound) hides Rule 6 (Webmaster access)
    • Verification Error: Rule 7 (Clean-Up Rule) hides Implicit Clean-up Rule
  2. You are the Check Point administrator for Alpha Corp. You received a call that one of the users is unable to browse the Internet on their new tablet which is connected to the company wireless, which goes through a Check Point Gateway. How would you review the logs to see what is blocking this traffic?

    • Open SmartLog and connect remotely to the wireless controller
    • Open SmartEvent to see why they are being blocked
    • Open SmartDashboard and review the logs tab
    • From SmartConsole, go to the Log & Monitor and filter for the IP address of the tablet.
  3. What is a role of Publishing?

    • The Publish operation sends the modifications made via SmartConsole in the private session and makes them public
    • The Security Management Server installs the updated policy and the entire database on Security Gateways
    • The Security Management Server installs the updated session and the entire Rule Base on Security Gateways
    • Modifies network objects, such as servers, users, services, or IPS profiles, but not the Rule Base
  4. Which software blade enables Access Control policies to accept, drop, or limit web site access based on user, group, and/or machine?

    • Application Control
    • Data Awareness
    • Identity Awareness
    • Threat Emulation
  5. ____________ is the Gaia command that turns the server off.

    • sysdown
    • exit
    • halt
    • shut-down
  6. Which option in a firewall rule would only match and allow traffic to VPN gateways for one Community in common?

    • All Connections (Clear or Encrypted)
    • Accept all encrypted traffic
    • Specific VPN Communities
    • All Site-to-Site VPN Communities
  7. Which SmartConsole tab is used to monitor network and security performance?

    • Manage & Settings
    • Security Policies
    • Gateway & Servers
    • Logs & Monitor
  8. When Identity Awareness is enabled, which identity source(s) is(are) used for Application Control?

    • RADIUS
    • Remote Access and RADIUS
    • All of the above
    • AD Query and Browser-based Authentication

    Identity Awareness gets identities from these acquisition sources:
    – AD Query
    – Browser-Based Authentication
    – Endpoint Identity Agent
    – Terminal Servers Identity Agent
    – Remote Access

  9. Which of the following is NOT a policy type available for each policy package?

    • Threat Emulation
    • Access Control
    • Desktop Security
    • Threat Prevention
  10. An administrator is creating an IPsec site-to-site VPN between his corporate office and branch office. Both offices are protected by Check Point Security Gateway managed by the same Security Management Server (SMS). While configuring the VPN community to specify the pre-shared secret, the administrator did not find a box to input the pre-shared secret. Why does it not allow him to specify the pre-shared secret?

    • The Gateway is an SMB device
    • The checkbox “Use only Shared Secret for all external members” is not checked
    • Certificate based Authentication is the only authentication method available between two Security Gateway managed by the same SMS
    • Pre-shared secret is already configured in Global Properties
  11. Which of the following technologies extracts detailed information from packets and stores that information in state tables?

    • INSPECT Engine
    • Next-Generation Firewall
    • Packet Filtering
    • Application Layer Firewall
  12. What object type would you use to grant network access to an LDAP user group?

    • Access Role
    • User Group 
    • SmartDirectory Group
    • Group Template
  13. View the rule below. What does the pen-symbol in the left column mean?

    156-215.80 Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA R80) Part 26 Q13 066
    156-215.80 Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA R80) Part 26 Q13 066
    • Those rules have been published in the current session.
    • Rules have been edited by the logged in administrator, but the policy has not been published yet. 
    • Another user has currently locked the rules for editing.
    • The configuration lock is present. Click the pen symbol in order to gain the lock.
  14. What data MUST be supplied to the SmartConsole System Restore window to restore a backup?

    • Server, Username, Password, Path, Version
    • Username, Password, Path, Version
    • Protocol, Username, Password
    • Server, Protocol, Username, Password, Path
  15. Which repositories are installed on the Security Management Server by SmartUpdate?

    • License and Update
    • Package Repository and Licenses
    • Update and License & Contract
    • License & Contract and Package Repository
  16. Which back up method uses the command line to create an image of the OS?

    • System backup
    • Save Configuration
    • Migrate
    • snapshot
  17. To quickly review when Threat Prevention signatures were last updated, which Threat Tool would an administrator use?

    • Protections
    • IPS Protections
    • Profiles
    • ThreatWiki
  18. Which of the following is considered to be the more secure and preferred VPN authentication method?

    • Password
    • Certificate
    • MD5
    • Pre-shared secret
  19. When a Security Gateway sends its logs to an IP address other than its own, which deployment option is installed?

    • Distributed
    • Standalone
    • Bridge Mode
    • Targeted
  20. In ____________ NAT, the ____________ is translated.

    • Hide; source
    • Static; source
    • Simple; source
    • Hide; destination