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156-215.80 : Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA R80) : Part 27

  1. An administrator wishes to enable Identity Awareness on the Check Point firewalls. However, they allow users to use company issued or personal laptops. Since the administrator cannot manage the personal laptops, which of the following methods would BEST suit this company?

    • AD Query
    • Browser-Based Authentication 
    • Identity Agents
    • Terminal Servers Agent
  2. Which of the following situations would not require a new license to be generated and installed?

    • The Security Gateway is upgraded.
    • The existing license expires.
    • The license is upgraded.
    • The IP address of the Security Management or Security Gateway has changed.
  3. When should you generate new licenses?

    • Before installing contract files.
    • After a device upgrade.
    • When the existing license expires, the license is upgraded, or the IP address associated with the license changes.
    • Only when the license is upgraded.
  4. Which of the following is NOT a valid deployment option for R80?

    • All-in-one (stand-alone)
    • CloudGuard
    • Distributed
    • Bridge Mode
  5. Which of the following is NOT a valid backup command for a Security Management Server?

    • save backup
    • add backup
    • add snapshot
    • migrate export
  6. When configuring Anti-Spoofing, which tracking options can an Administrator select?

    • Log, Send SNMP Trap, Email
    • Drop Packet, Alert, None
    • Log, Alert, None
    • Log, Allow Packets, Email
  7. Which of the following cannot be configured in an Access Role Object?

    • Users
    • Networks
    • Time
    • Machines
  8. Which software blade does NOT accompany the Threat Prevention policy?

    • Anti-virus
    • IPS
    • Threat Emulation
    • Application Control and URL Filtering
  9. Which backup utility captures the most information and tends to create the largest archives?

    • backup
    • snapshot
    • Database Revision
    • migrate export
  10. Where can I find the file for a Gaia backup named backup_fw on a Check Point Appliance?

    • /var/log/CPbackup/backups/backup_fw.tgz
    • /var/CPbackup/backups/backup_fw.tgz
    • /var/log/backups/backup_fw.tgz
    • $CPDIR/backups/backup_fw.tgz
  11. A Check Point Software license consists of two components, the Software Blade and the Software Container. There are ______________ types of Software Containers: ______________.

    • Three; Security Management, Security Gateway, and Endpoint Security
    • Three; Security Gateway, Endpoint Security, and Gateway Management
    • Two; Security Management and Endpoint Security
    • Two; Endpoint Security and Security Gateway
  12. One of major features in R80.x SmartConsole is concurrent administration. Which of the following is NOT possible considering that AdminA, AdminB, and AdminC are editing the same Security Policy?

    • AdminC sees a lock icon which indicates that the rule is locked for editing by another administrator.
    • AdminA and AdminB are editing the same rule at the same time.
    • AdminB sees a pencil icon next the rule that AdminB is currently editing.
    • AdminA, AdminB and AdminC are editing three different rules at the same time.
    In SmartConsole, administrators work with sessions. A session is created each time an administrator logs into SmartConsole. Changes made in the session are saved automatically. These changes are private and available only to the administrator. To avoid configuration conflicts, other administrators see a lock icon on objects and rules that are being edited in other sessions.
  13. The default method for destination NAT is _____________, where NAT occurs on the Inbound interface closest to the client.

    • Destination side
    • Source side
    • Server side
    • Client side

    As of VPN-1 NGX, the default method for Destination NAT is “client side”, where NAT occurs on the inbound interface closest to the client.

  14. Which of the following commands is used to monitor cluster members in CLI?

    • show cluster state
    • show active cluster
    • show clusters
    • show running cluster