How can you do this?

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You have two rules, ten users, and two user groups in a Security Policy. You create database version 1 for this configuration. You then delete two existing users and add a new user group. You modify one rule and add two new rules to the Rule Base. You save the Security Policy and create database version 2. After a while, you decide to roll back to version 1 to use the Rule Base, but you want to keep your user database. How can you do this?

  • Run fwm dbexport -1 filename. Restore the database. Then, run fwm dbimport -1 filename to import the users.
  • Run fwm_dbexport to export the user database. Select restore the entire database in the Database Revision screen. Then, run fwm_dbimport.
  • Restore the entire database, except the user database, and then create the new user and user group.
  • Restore the entire database, except the user database.
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