SIMULATION Project 3 of 7: Service

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Project 3 of 7: Service


You are an administrative assistant for Fabrikam, Inc.’s Field Service division. You are preparing the monthly newsletter to be sent out to field service engineers.

77-725 Part 01 Q12 023
77-725 Part 01 Q12 023

Remember that mileage reimbursement claims must be submitted by the 15th of each month. Save the mileage form as a PDF file and email it to your regional supervisor.

Bonuses are Changing

New Depot Return Process
All offices have received the new tracking form for repair depot returns. Complete the following tasks when returning parts for repair:

Complete all fields in the Field Service section of the form.
Remove the top copy and file it in your office.
Securely attach the form to the part.
Package the part for shipment.
Ship to the home office and clearly label the box “For depot return”.

All returns must be shipped to the home office to receive credit. The regional depots will close in two months and will not be accepting return shipments.

Vice President’s Corner
NOTE TO SELF: If the VP doesn’t provide content by Wednesday, delete this section and put in something generic about customer satisfaction.

Quarterly Results
NOTE TO SELF: This is a placeholder charter. Update the chart after the actual results are available on Monday.

77-725 Part 01 Q12 024
77-725 Part 01 Q12 024

Use the Go To feature to navigate to the Bookmark “OldNews” and delete the paragraph at that location.

  • See the explanation below.
1. Click Bookmark from the Insert tab.
2. Click Name, to sort the list of bookmarks in the document.
3. Select “OldNews” from the list of bookmarks in the document then click Delete.
4. If a hyperlink has been inserted to the bookmark, right-click on the linked text, then select Remove Hyperlink.

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