What information is displayed?

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You run the following command:

switch# show ip interface brief

What information is displayed?

  • A summary of the IP addresses and subnet mask on the interface
  • A summary of the IP addresses on the interface and the interface’s status
  • The IP packet statistics for the interfaces
  • The IP addresses for the interface and the routing protocol advertising the network
The command show ip interface brief displays a summary of the IP address on the interface and the interface’s status. The status shows whether the interface is up. This command is useful when you are connected to a router or switch with which you are not familiar, because it allows you to obtain the state of all interfaces or switch ports.

Sample output of this command is shown below:

200-301 Part 06 Q20 069
200-301 Part 06 Q20 069

This command does not display subnet mask information. You should use other commands, such as show ip interface or show run interface, to verify the subnet mask.

IP statistics about the interface are displayed with the command show ip interface. Adding the brief keyword tells the switch to leave out everything but the state of the interface and its IP address.

To view the routing protocol advertising an interfaces network, you would use the command show ip protocol.

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