Which of the following could be a reason for receiving this message?

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You are attempting to add an IP address to an interface on a router with which you are unfamiliar. You type the following command and receive the following error:

Router78(config)#interfce Serial0
%invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Which of the following could be a reason for receiving this message?

  • the command syntax is incorrect
  • the interface type does not exist on this router
  • the command is entered at the wrong prompt
  • the interface is configured already
The command has a syntax error. The word interface is misspelled as indicated by the marker.

The interface type may not exist on the router, but that is not the problem with this specific error message. If you attempt to access an interface that is not present on the router, it will elicit this same message, but the marker will be placed at the beginning of the interface type as shown below. The interface information is in lines 14-19.

Router78(config)#interface Serial0

%invalid input detected at '^' marker.

When you are unfamiliar with a router, it is best to execute the show version command, which will indicate the type and number of interfaces on the router as shown below:

200-301 Part 05 Q10 056
200-301 Part 05 Q10 056

The command is not entered at the wrong prompt. It should be entered at the global configuration prompt.

If the interface were already configured, it would still allow you to access the interface and make changes.

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