Which transaction should you run from SAP GUI?

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You plan to migrate an on-premises SAP development system to Azure.

Before the migration, you need to check the usage of the source system hardware, such as CPU, memory, network, etc.

Which transaction should you run from SAP GUI?

  • SM51
  • DB01
  • DB12
  • OS07N
SAP transaction OS07N (Remote Operating System Activity) is classified in the Basis Component module under application component Operating System Monitors and runs Monitoring Operating System program RSHOST1N upon execution.

Incorrect Answers:
A: Transaction code SM51 is to display list of active application servers that have registered in the SAP message server.

B: DB01 is a transaction code used for Analyze Exclusive Lockwaits in SAP.

C: Transaction code DB12 is to collects and presents information that is necessary to monitor database backups.

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